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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind that is between being fully awake and fast asleep.


We briefly enter this state each and every time we go to bed.


Only a hypnotist can keep you in this state for extended periods of time.

In this state of mind, change can occur. Anything the subject experiences is BEYOND their control and obeys ONLY the hypnotist. No one can resist hypnosis when it happens!


Otherwise when left alone in this state, we automatically wake up or go to sleep.


If you can go to sleep, you can be hypnotized regardless of your educational background.

Does Fred embarrass CEOs or VIPs when he hypnotizes them?

When Fred is hired to speak or entertain at a corporate function, he will NOT embarrass anyone at the event.

No one ever has, no one ever will be embarrassed in any of Fred's presentations/shows.

If a client has specific requests in terms of content, what's taboo, etc. Fred will make accomodations to ensure a successful event.

Is hypnotherapy safe?



Fred has held seminars for medical professionals in educating them about hypnosis and it's applications.

Fred has worked with thousands of clients with various personal needs.

From improving personal lifestyles to getting rid of trauma and addictions, he is the best person to consult with.

Fred will do an assessment during the first session and will go over in full detail with you about approaching the problem.

After the assessment, Fred will proceed with hypnosis or an alternative approach to solve your case.

Do all of Fred's keynote presentations include hypnosis demonstrations?

It depends on the subject.


For instance, Fred's talk about simple tools to improve memory uses no hypnosis what so ever.

The talks that involve hypnosis are the most talked about among corporate audiences.

The talks with hypnosis also gets instant results!

Give Fred a call to learn more:

+1 408.826.9977

Does Fred have insurance?

Yes he does.

It covers up to $1,000,000.

He can show you his insurance certificate upon request.

You also are covered by his insurance upon paying the deposit to book him for your event.

Can I bring my kid to fred's show?


Fred's public shows are catered to an audience of 18 and older.

Fred's show is always fresh because of it's unpredictable nature. So profanity, innuendos, and adult situations may come up.

You will be prompted to leave the venue if you have a minor during the day of the show.

So hiring a baby sitter is strongly recommended when going to see his highly praised show!

Is Fred's public show the same if hired for a corporate event?



Fred's corporate hypnosis demonstrations are clean unless the client specifically states so otherwise.

Fred's specialty lies in catering the material to best fit his audiences.

If you have any questions, give him a call:

+1 408.826.9977