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Fred is more than what others quoted, why is that?

You are getting more than a show, presentation, or appointment. You are getting over 10 years of experience, trust, and professionalism.

Fred values quality over anything else. He has worked every waking second of his life, dedicating himself to obtain the knowledge and skills he possess now to which he continues to refine.

Every event and appointment you book him for, you are guaranteed to not get a cookie cutter experience like what your inbox is currently swarmed with.

You will feel the embrace of his passion and you (as well as your guests) will be grateful for it long after the experience.

The amount of care and work Fred puts into his services can easily exceed any budget in's only a matter of you being ready to book Fred NOW so you can enjoy year after year from the best in the industry.

Do all of Fred's keynote presentations include hypnosis demonstrations?

It depends on the subject.


For instance, Fred's talk about simple tools to improve memory uses no hypnosis what so ever.

The talks that involve hypnosis are the most talked about among corporate audiences.

The talks with hypnosis also gets instant results!

Give Fred a call to learn more:

+1 408.826.9977

Is Fred's public show the same if hired for a corporate event?



Fred's corporate hypnosis demonstrations are clean unless the client specifically states so otherwise.

Fred's specialty is catering the material to best fit his audiences.

If you have any questions, give him a call:

+1 408.826.9977

Does Fred embarrass CEOs or VIPs when he hypnotizes them?
Is hypnotherapy safe?

When Fred is hired to speak or entertain at a corporate function, he will NOT embarrass anyone at the event.

No one ever has, no one ever will be embarrassed in any of Fred's presentations/shows.

If a client has specific requests in terms of content, what's taboo, etc. Fred will make accomodations to ensure a successful event.

Does Fred have insurance?

Yes he does.

It covers up to $1,000,000.

He can show you his insurance certificate upon request.

You also are covered by his insurance upon paying the deposit to book him for your event.

Does hypnosis work?



Fred held seminars for medical professionals in educating them about hypnosis and it's applications.

Fred has taught thousands of clients the benefits of hypnotherapy as a lecture topic. 

Fred can talk about what hypnotherapy can and can't do and has had hands on experience treating patients.

However, Fred's passion is more towards entertainment and education so Fred doesn't have a dedicated clinic to practice hypnotherapy nor actively seeks patients.

is fred's show family friendly?


Fred's shows are featured in festivals, theaters, prom, gradnites, and corporate events.

Be sure to read the show descriptions to determine which event is more date night appropriate.

Yes it does. And it is backed by numerous scientific studies done by psychologists and neurologists.

Hypnosis works with everyone as long as they have the capacity to learn.

The success rate of hypnosis can be affected if anyone has one or more of the following:

-Severe drug use to the point of brain damage

-Severe physical brain trauma

-Below average intelligence

-Language barrier (Fred works with English speakers only)

-Psychological disorders requiring prescription drugs for daily maintenance

-Abnormal brain structure upon birth (autism, savants/prodigies, etc)

If you've attempted to be hypnotized before, don't be discouraged. We strongly recommend working with Fred since he is the best in the industry being one of very few to also have a degree in psychology.

Has Fred been on AGT?

YES, but behind the scenes.

Fred has consulted for numerous acts for magicians on that show as well as others.

That wow factor and what makes each magician stand out in their own way? Fred is the guy that brought out the best in them.

He's also provided consulting for some of the contestants to overcome their nerves prior to their filming days by providing solid advice.

You and anyone else who's a part of AGT are all it takes to get Fred to be featured on the show!

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